Sustainable use of oranges

Oranges smell wonderful and taste delicious. However, only very few people are likely to worry about the ecological assessment of these citrus fruits. Just for the production 560 l of water are consumed per kilogram. 560 l! Since the ecological assessment of oranges is rather bad, you should use the citrus fruit completely – including its peel. We will show you how you can use the peel of the orange with our article.

Descale: With fresh, undried orange peels, you can fight lime spots in the bathroom or kitchen, as the peels contain citric acid. With the inside of fresh orange peels, you can rub off affected fittings, so they shine again almost as new.

Orange peels instead of fabric softener: You can also use untreated orange peels as an alternative for fabric softener. Just put the peels in a cotton pouch and add it to the laundry. They help to soften the water. In addition, everything smells wonderfully of oranges.

Orange peels instead of rinse aid: the same works as a rinse aid replacement for the dishwasher: Just put the fresh orange peels into the cutlery tray.

Orange peels against moths: Dried orange peels help against moths. Just put a few in your wardrobe.