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Retention and Percolation

They have good ecologically reasons and allow you to save money, as if there is discharge channel to public network, there are no fees for enclosed areas that are already collected by many municipalities – currently they vary between EUR 0.60 and 1.60 per m² annually. Towns and municipalities are required to introduce this fee to ensure righteous charges; in this way you pay only for the actual closed surfaces instead of a flat rate. 

Draining water into the ground through a biologically active layer of soil (native soil layer consisting of grass and at least 30 cm of native soil) is the only type of draining that does not require a permit in the Federal Republic of Germany.
Generally, all other types of draining a permit. To obtain such a permit, the owner must always apply to the appropriate construction authority. Despite this, it is recommended to perform the draining/infiltration test, as in spite of the permit the investor always acts on his own responsibility.

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Soak-away with percolation cubes

The percolation cube 205 l is suitable for the retention, percolation and drainage of rainwater and treated wastewater. The inflow into the percolation cube can be realized in DN 100 or DN 150 (can be decided individually on site). The percolation elements can be strung together and must be covered within geotextile to protect against penetration of soil.

The percolation cube 205 l is an easy to assemble kit and consists of 6 side surfaces including molded mounting pins.

Product advantages of the GreenLife percolation cubes

GreenLife percolation cube

GreenLife percolation cube



of rainwater from isolated surfaces such as paved, concrete or cobbled courtyards, roads, parking lots, access roads, terraces etc.

of pure water discharged by the rainwater system.

of purified water coming out of a small waste water treatment plant.

Soak-away with percolation shafts

The shaft percolation is a special form of the percolation, which is particularly suitable when no percolation cube can be used. 
All percolation shafts have drain openings, a coarse filter basket and a connection with rubber lip seal DN 100 for the inlet pipe.

Product advantages of the Greenlife percolation shafts


rainwater from roofs of residential houses, sheds, garages and larger greenhouses etc.

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