Greywater Recycling


Systems based on ultrafiltration

Systems based on fixed bed and UV-disinfection


Greywater Recycling

Greywater is wastewater generated during daily care for human body – i.e. it comes from sinks, bathtubs and showers, and is therefore almost inexhaustible resource, while rainwater is also available. Greywater is not highly contaminated, it is free from faecal matter and solids, and includes only slight amount of bacteria.

It is collected in a separate pipework of pipes and possibly separated along with the treated rainwater.

The operation principle of GreenLife greywater-recycling-systems (based on ultrafiltration)Grauwasseranlage basierend auf Ultrafiltration


Grauwasser Ultrafiltrationsanlage

greywasser ultrafiltration

The technology of bio-membrane filters guarantees full separation of the biomass from the purified greywater. In this way, the user may obtain service water free of solids rand with removed all bacteria and viruses in almost 100%. The overall treatment process consists of a biological treatment and ultrafiltration (membrane bio-reactor MBR). After that water is stored in the service water tank or transferred to the rainwater tank.


The heart of the greywater-recycling-system – the membrane filter

Maintenance costs are extremely low: Once a year you should inspect the operation of system components and possibly simple back-washing of the membrane. The membrane filter may treat greywater for many years, supplying clean hygienic service water.





Generated service water presents no hygiene risk and it is suitable in particular for:

The operation principle of GreenLife greywater-recycling-systems (process based on fixed-bed ractor and UV-disinfection)

Grauwasseranlage mit UV-Filter

Grauwasser Festbettanlage


The service water is free from solids, it is biologically purified with oxygen from air and disinfected by UV rays. No chemical additives are used. The service water is well suited for flushing toilets and watering gardens.

The system operates fully-automatically. The annual maintenance inspection may be carried out independently, basing on instructions supplied with the device. No special materials are required.

The generated service water presents no hygiene risk and it is suitable in particular for:

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