Office building

Our office building has been built according to the latest standards and includes a water treatment plant which recycles water to be used for toilet flushing.
Treated rainwater is provided for all other uses in the building. Rainwater is purified in an underground reservoir using GreenLife-Biovitortechnik equipment, and then it is disinfected with ozone, UV light and a filter with activated-carbon in GreenLife AQa. equipment. This provides water of high purity level, suitable for drinking, cooking and washing. There is no need for descaling washing machines, dishwashers, showers, fittings, etc. The equipment maintains longer operational lifetime.


New production hall

We have also expanded our production facilities. Two new injection moulding machines needed space. As a company with highly developed environmental awareness, we have organized our facilities to have minimum environmental impact: the new hall is situated among trees and bushes to ensure that the employees have contact with greenery during their work. In summer, the nearby lake is suitable for swimming during the break.
Rainwater is collected from the roof and used as process water for cooling our new machines. As the rainwater is similar to distilled water, we do not need to use expensive water treatment systems.
The entire floor in the hall is provided with underfloor heating. Water heated during the cooling of machines is drained through the floor and increases the temperature of cold concrete floor.

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