Percolation shaft 1000 l

including telescopic dome and plastic lid plus coarse filter basket
Item number: G0003702


weight in kg:
effective volume:
diameter in mm:
height in mm:
1000 l
1530 - 1775


The percolation shaft 1,000 l is suitable for the retention, percolation and drainage of rainwater. The inflow into the percolation shaft is prepared with a rubber lip seal DN 100. The incoming rainwater is filtered via a coarse dirt filter basket suspended in the shaft. The percolation shaft is easy to maintain, inspect and clean.

    The percolation shafts 950 l / 1,000 l and 2,000 l can also be made accessible to cars and trucks with optional accessories.

      The local soil conditions are decisive for the correct design of a percolation system and must be checked by means of a soil survey or a percolation test. The design of the percolation system must be adapted to the given infiltration capacity of the soil - please read the installation manual or the manual for the percolation test very carefully.


Dome extension DN 600

for all GreenLife underground tanks (except GET 1.0)

Kit for accessibility of trucks

consisting of shaft element and dome extension

Plastic safety cover – accessible by cars

Option for all underground tanks and shafts including a telescopic dome