Booster station “E.syBox Twin”

frequency controlled
Item number: G0004238


maximum head:
maximum output:
maximum power:
maximum working pressure:
65 m
14,4 m³/h
3,10 kW
8 bar
230 V
50 Hz


Frequency-controlled booster system

    The E.syBox twin is a booster system for the home and is characterized by high performance - efficient, compact, simple and satisfactory.
      It consists of two self-priming multi-stage pumps, electronic inverter, flow and pressure sensors, high-resolution LCD display and integrated 2-liter expansion vessels.
        The installation in narrow, poorly ventilated rooms is possible. The water-cooled motor, the ABS housing with sound-absorbing function, the vibration-damping feet and electronics make it absolutely quiet (45 dB) and compact.

Data sheet [PDF]
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