Basement tank 4000 l / GKT 4.0 with Biovitor DN 100

suitable for installation on the ground (even indoors) - with Biovitor DN 100
Item number: G0003870


weight in kg:
effective volume:
length in mm:
width in mm:
height in mm:
4000 l


Basement tank 4000 l including filter Biovitor DN 100 for rainwater harvesting.
High quality: seamless and tension-free in one piece.
Additional 5-fold steel-profile security.

    The Biovitor cleans rainwater - perfectly sized proportions of the chambers and passages ensure optimal biological processes with the highest degree of efficiency.

      convincing arguments:

      • • high water yield as no rainwater is lost due to dirty filters
      • • required only occasional servicing (every 5 or more years - in the event of very heavy leaf fall, gutter grills or a leaf catcher should be used)
      • • ideal for percolation, as direct connection possible
      • • based on a purely biological active principle to degrade organic components in rainwater
      • • non-organic components are separated out
      • • can be retro-fitted in practically all rainwater systems
      • • marble gravel may neutralise acid rainwater

Scale drawing [PDF] DWG download Manual [PDF]
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