Hybrid manager GHM 1.25

hybrid manager to control commercial units
Item number: G0002988


weight in kg:
effective volume:
measurements (LxWxH) in mm:
maximum head:
maximum output:
maximum power:
maximum working pressure:
1000 l
1240 x 720 x 1560
44 m
75 l/min
0,85 kW (P1)
4,4 bar
230 V
50 Hz


Hybrid managers are always used when various process waters (e.g. rainwater and purified greywater or rainwater from various underground tanks) are conveyed from different tanks to a central location and collected and are pumped They may also be necessary if the intake path for suction and pressure pumps have unfavorable geodetic conditions or are too long. The robust floating switches in the hybrid tank and the integrated mains water ensure high reliability. 

Scope of delivery:

  • • hybrid tank
  • • incl. potable water back-up conform to DIN EN 1717 (control via floating switch)
  • • pump GUP 46 with dry run protection and floating suction as delivery pump
  • • connection 1 1/4" at the top of the hybrid tank for inlet of the delivery pump
  • • connection 1 1/4" at the bottom of the hybrid tank to the booster staion
  • • connection 1 1/4" at the bottom of the hybrid tank as drain (ball valve)
  • • siphon as an emergency overflow

Depending on requirements, one can also connect up to 2 additional delivery pumps to the hybrid tank. Furthermore, an optional floating switch can be set as a sensor in the hybrid tank, which for example, sends a signal to the building management system (BMS) or can trigger a warning.

Scale drawing [PDF] Data sheet [PDF] DWG download Manual [PDF]


Booster station “E.syBox Twin”

frequency controlled

Booster station “E.syBox”

frequency controlled

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