Greywater-recycling-system 1.000 l/d

GWI 1.3-1.000
Item number: G0002409


weight in kg:
tank sedimentation:
tank aeration:
tank filtration:
tank service water:
control unit:
230 V
50 Hz
1x 500 l
1x 1000 l
1x 500 l
1x 1000 l
including remote control


Operation principle of the GreenLife greywater-recycling-systems

    Thanks to its barrier effect, the organic membrane filter technology used guarantees that the biomass is fully separated from the purified greywater. This results in clarified water which is free of solids as well as full retention of bacteria and viruses, with a nearly 100% retention rate.
    The entire clarification process is composed of the biological cleaning and the ultrafiltration (MBR membrane bioreactor) and the water is then stored in clarified water tanks or conveyed to the rainwater storage tanks.

      The heart - the membrane filter

        The maintenance requirements are extremely low:
        • once a year you should inspect the operation of system components and possibly simple back-washing of the membrane
        • the membrane filter can treat greywater for many years - supplying clean hygienic service water

Scale drawing [PDF] Data sheet [PDF] DWG download Tender specifications [DOCX] Manual [PDF]


Booster station “E.syBox Twin”

frequency controlled

Booster station “E.syBox”

frequency controlled

Potable water back-up 1″

Electrically controlled drinking water system with free outlet to the cistern.

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