Retention flat tank 2.000 l / GRFT 2.0

including telescopic dome and cover, calmed inlet, overflow siphon and retention flow regulator
Item number: G0003629


weight in kg:
effective retention volume:
length in mm:
width in mm:
height in mm:
2000 l
DN 100


rainwater-retention = local rainwater holding to releive the public sewer system

    The retention of surface water in urban areas - especially in new construction areas - is becoming more and more important, both in private and in public areas. Numerous municipalities collect taxes for sealed surfaces and prescribe the retention of rainwater, in some cases it is also supported.

    The retention tank / system collects up the accumulated rainfall, stores it and delivers it to the sewer system with a time delay / throttling. So the channel can be relieved during heavy rainfall events.

      GreenLife offers a large assortment for a wide variety of applications:

      • • retention tanks of 2.000 l – 6.500 l
      • • with floating flow regulators with flow rates between 0,05 – 2,5 l/s
      • • with calmed inlet and overflow siphon
      • • optionally - combination of retention and rainwater harvesting
      • • easier handling in comparisaon to concrete or steel tanks
      • • with infinitely extendable sliding dome ( 300 mm – 430 mm) and 5° inclinable for optimum terrain adaptation
      • • optionally - accessible by cars*
      • • combinable via bottom connections for larger retention volumes

        • * please see - accessories

Scale drawing [PDF] Installation Guide [PDF] DWG download Manual [PDF]


Dome extension DN 600

for all GreenLife underground tanks (except GET 1.0)

Plastic safety cover – accessible by cars

Option for all underground tanks and shafts including a telescopic dome

Telescopic dome incl. lid

lid (walkable, load capacity 200 kg)

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