Complete System “GRM 2.0”

The GreenLife complete System "GRM 2.0" for domestic and garden use - draws on proven module technology
Item number: G0003481


effective volume:
2200 - 13 000 l
3x DN 100


The GreenLife rainwater manager "GRM 2.0" will provide the rainwater supply network with sufficient rainwater - when a consumer is opened. If - as a result of a long dry period - there is no rainwater in the tank, the float-actuated zone valve will ensure that the pump is supplied with drinking water to meet domestic requirements. When the tanks is filled, the zone valve will be switched to rainwater operation. This process may also be done manually.

Scope of delivery:

  • underground tank made of highest quality polyethylene, in one piece
  • telescopic dome and plastic safety cover
  • Biovitor
  • overflow siphon with animal guard
  • GreenLife module "GRM 2.0" with multi-level self-priming rotary pump and flow controller incl. dry-run protection
  • floating switch for drinking water tank with 20 m connection cable with calibration weight and adapter
  • 10 m suction hose with floating suction filter and back-flow preventer
  • labelling set

The complete system "GRM 2.0" is available in different tank sizes!


Water connection box

for the safe protection of outdoor connections

Fill Level Indicator – digital

Fill Level Indicators – pneumatic

Plastic safety cover – accessible by cars

Option for all underground tanks and shafts including a telescopic dome

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