Circular Economy – recycling is already too little today

What if the old office chair you no longer need had a second life? And a third, a fourth, a fifth – infinitely many?

Plastic lasts forever. And circular economy makes a difference. A functioning circular economy is our chance to manage plastic properly. And this is long overdue!

According to studies, 8.3 billion tons of plastic were already in the world in 2015 – (obviously) growing tendency. And we should use these resources.

For example, we could continue to use reusable bottles (they have the best ecological assessment) and benefit from the low weight, durability and flexibility of plastic. And everyone could live more climate-friendly. And by the way, existing resources are used. It would hardly be necessary to produce more new plastic.

That is why circular economy is enormously important to us and we try to integrate ourselves in it as best we can. Every year, we therefore process 2,000 tons of recycled plastic from the “Green Dot“ – from the garbage of the yellow bin. In addition, we recycle leftovers and faulty products directly in our production site and return the material to the manufacturing process. This ensures lossless work.

It’s mainly up to us

But we also realize that it requires more. We have the world in view – and there is still much room for improvement.

For example, despite better and better information, there is not always enough communication.

For example, baking paper, Tetra Paks or coffee cups are not just cardboard, which they look like first. These products are also not without plastic: baking paper is coated with plastic so that nothing is sticks, Tetra Paks and coffee cups so that nothing runs out. Without plastic this would not be so easy.

Bad enough, but there’s something else: these disposable products are hard to recycle. And what’s more, large part of them are not properly disposed of.

According to Environmental Action Germany, more than a third of the Tetra Paks do not end up in the yellow bin at all.

Or cigarette filters. After they have secreted nicotine and heavy metals, they additionally pollute the environment with microplastic particles. Nevertheless, they are flicked through the landscape every day. Because cigarette filters as well as many pillows are made of plastic.

The industry, you and me

There are many problems to fight. High-quality, recyclable plastic should be used. Products should be designed to use for more than single usage. Everyone should know in which ton what belongs. Everyone should know what belongs in what garbage can. Products and packages should be well marked so that you can catch the right one from the garbage cans in case of doubt. And already-existing plastic products should not be forgotten.

In this way, consumers and industry are helping to create the basis for a strong circular economy in which an old office chair can have a future life. At best, to be able to put more than half of it to really good use.

What do we do?

With our products, plastic can make full use of its advantages. That’s why we don’t just rely on recycled plastic. It is also very important to us that only high-quality and recyclable plastic leaves our production. We have a clear 0 % waste policy in the company forgo plasticizers completely. In addition, we are an active member of the plastics association with the aim to convince other companies to take this tack as well.